Westonwood Ranch will offer a unique learning curriculum to improve life skills and vocational skills to young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Program participants will have the opportunity to engage in a vast variety of skill sets and activities. Similar to a “college model”, the participants will have direct input into their unique learning curriculum by selecting from and participating in an array of diverse “life classes”.  The end result of this program is gainful employment in the community.

  • Aquaponic greenhouse operations
  • Marketing and sales of organic produce
  • Landscape gardening
  • Ranch maintenance
  • Therapeutic equine activities
  • Animal feeding and care
  • Animal- assisted therapy via animal rescues residing and being cared for on the ranch
  • Creative Arts Program
  • Life skills/self-care/fitness/wellness initiative
  • Summer Enrichment Program- an experience created for individuals with autism ages 6-18 focusing on the use of agriculture to promote individual growth via social, physical and cognitive stimulation

Please see our vision here:

Project Overview

It is our hope to begin construction on this project very soon. The development site is located on a 40-acre ranch in Freeport, FL. The project design includes a 4,800sf vocational training center with a covered equine arena with stables.  A commercial aquaponic greenhouse will serve as a self-sustaining enterprise for participants.  Our program will establish and foster  working relationships with local businesses to serve as internship sites and employment opportunities. We also plan to implement various community outreach/educational programs to promote autism inclusion in the workforce.

Please join with us and support our capital campaign as we begin to make this dream a reality.